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Discoverers Athletic Hall of Fame


The Discoverers Athletic Hall of Fame was established to recognize past outstanding male and female students who participated in athletics at Kramer or Columbus High School.  Every two years there is a celebration to honor a new class of athletes, coaches and meritorious individuals.

Funds raised will be used to recognize those student-athletes, coaches, and distinguished supporters who made a significant impact on the athletic accomplishments at Kramer/Columbus High School. Funds will also be used by the CPS Foundation to enhance student learning by working with the school district, businesses and community to provide financial support for innovative programs not covered by the school district’s funding sources.

These funds will offer opportunities for: scholarships for current and graduating students;  teacher, staff and student recognitions; innovation and enrichment grants for students, teachers and staff; after school programs; support for staff positions not currently in the school budget; and alternative educational opportunities including online learning for students.