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School Year Grant Title Requestor School Grade Level Impacted Amount Granted
2020-2021 Practice Pads for Percussion Ensemble Michael Klee Columbus Middle School 6th-8th Grade $1,000
2020-2021 Weighted Fitness Bars for General Fitness Use Heidi Field Columbus High School 9th - 12th Grade $1,000
2020-2021 Preschool Gardening Study Michelle Purcell Centennial, Lost Creek, Emerson & West Park Preschool $1,000
2020-2021 What Ya Cookin? Francie May Columbus Middle School 7th & 8th Grade $1,000
2020-2021 Classroom Library Amy Moore North Park Elementary 4th Grade $400
2019-2020 Access to Communication: Trialing Speech-Generating Devices Chelsea Werner Lost Creek Elementary K-4th Grade $1,000
2019-2020 Bands for Strength and Conditioning Stacy Smith Columbus High School 9th - 12th Grade $1,000
2018-2019 Busy Boxes: Fine Motor Boxes for Independent Work Megan Johnson & Michelle Figge Lost Creek Elementary K-4 High Needs $1,000
2018-2019 Discovering Electronics Kelly Loschen, Trevor Korte, & Joe Krysl Columbus Middle School 5th & 6th Grade $679.30
2018-2019 8th Grade Vex Robotics Arena Challenges Joe Krysl, Trevor Korte, Kelly Loschen Columbus Middle School 8th Grade $1,000
2018-2019 All of Us Learn Best Through Experience Carrie Loseke Columbus High School 9th - 12th Grade $1,000
2018-2019 Hands-on Science and Technology for Students Jennifer Mulder, Amy Moore, & Misty Liakos North Park Elementary 4th Grade $998.38
2017-2018 Work Based Learning Listening Enhancement Heidi Elliot STEM Career Coordinator 9th-12th Grade $1,000
2017 - 2018 Attention Academy & Calming Caddy Wendi Petersen West Park Elementary K-4th Grade $717
2017-2018 ELL Newcomers Susie Bopp-Esch Columbus Middle School 5th-8th Grade $1000
2016-2017 Little Bits of STEM Trudi Cadenbach Columbus High School 9th Grade $985.95
2016-2017 SOS (Sink or Swim) Developing Healthy Water Behavior and Attitudes Barb Leu, Crystal Halvorsen & Sandi Seckel West Park Elementary 2nd Grade $650
2016-2017 Fitness for All Tonja Lusche Columbus Middle School 6th-8th Grade $910.80