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Completed Projects

Columbus Ice

Investing In The Idea Of A Student

In 2015, CHS student Elizabeth Blaser began working on this project as her 4-H Diamond Clover Level 6 project.  Her initial goal was to bring back a public ice skating area and warming shelter to the Columbus community, similar to what was historically located in Pawnee Park.  Elizabeth coordinated a community attitude and interest survey in which 652 community members responded.  Following the survey, results were analyzed and discussions were held to finalize approval for the project.  Elizabeth worked closely with key community stakeholders to draft an initial design for the warming shelter.

As of November 2018, Elizabeth has raised $28,000 in cash funds, over $16,000 of in-kind materials and over $30,000 of in-kind labor.  The City of Columbus fully supports the project and have issued a written letter of support to maintain and care for the ice and warming shelter once completed.  This includes filling the basin with water when weather conditions allow the water to freeze, periodically sweeping the ice and flooding the rink to allow for a smooth surface.  The City of Columbus will work with Columbus Public Schools to make sure the ice and facility is clean and safe with the goal to make all patron's skating experience as enjoyable as possible for all ages.

To date all construction documents have been submitted to the Fire Marshall and the City of Columbus for state and city permits.  This process does take some time to review and complete.  After the ground thaws - approximately Spring 2019, excavation will begin and from there we estimate 3-4 months for construction to complete.