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STEM on the GO!

STEM on the Go! is a Columbus Public Schools trailer that will go to sites where students will have the opportunity to do different STEM activities.  CPS elementary and middle school teachers have created lessons and curriculum to use in STEM on the Go!

STEM Summer Enrichment Replaced with STEM Camp in a Bag!

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the current restrictions we have had to cancel in person STEM Summer Enrichment Camps this summer.  Instead we are offering STEM Camp in a Bag which includes STEM enrichment activities to do at home.


Each camp in a bag is $10 or you can purchase all 5 activities for $30.  As an added bonus for purchasing all 5 you will received a STEM themed reading book!  Orders are due by June 12th and pick up of kits will take place June 22nd from 11:30-1pm at Columbus Middle School.

CLICK HERE to purchase your STEM Camp in a Bag activities.

Hydraulic Claw 

Design and build a hydraulic claw that works just like the games in an arcade. Basic build instructions are included but the final design is up to you!  Can you modify your claw to pick up balls, worms, or marshmallows? 

Parents will need to provide: tape, string, a screwdriver, and a cutting tool. Optional: recyclables.


Stomp Rocket

Use the engineering design process to create a rocket that will soar as high as possible.  Basic build instructions are provided but it is up to you to modify the rocket to reach its greatest height.  Will you change the weight of the nose cone? The shape of the fins? The length of the rocket?  So many things to try!

Parents provide: empty 2L bottle, paper, tape, scissors, and a pencil. Optional: small weighted objects


Scribble Bot

Art and STEM collide! Design a motorized contraption to move in unusual ways to create unique art when your scribble bot leaves marks to trace its path.  Basic build instructions are included but how you modify your design will determine the look of your final masterpiece.

Parents will need to provide: tape and paper.  Optional: twist ties, small weighted objects, recyclables.


Up Close!

Get up close with the microscopic world around you using a portable, paper microscope.  Explore the microscopic details of flower petals, fly wings, leaves, pollen, or whatever your heart desires.   

Parents provide:  items to explore under the microscope.


Paper Circuit Art

Do you like arts and crafts projects like drawing, painting, or origami? Instead of drawing a bright sun or lights in a house, imagine adding real lights to your artwork! This project will show you how, by introducing you to the world of electronics with "paper circuits”.

Parents provide: paper, tape, and art materials such as markers, crayons, and pencils.