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CHS Graduating Senior Scholarship Opportunities

Wilson-Covert Centennial Scholarship

Established by sons John Covert Wilson, Class of 1943 and Arthur Philip Wilson, Jr, Class of 1940

The Wilson-Covert Centennial Scholarship was given to honor Arthur Philip WIlson (Class of 1910) and Velma Covert Wilson (Class of 1909), born in 1890 in Polk and Platte Counties, Nebraska.  They were graduates of the Columbus High School as are their sons who gave this scholarship on the one hundredth anniversary of their late parents' births.  They provided their sons with the means to obtain what they had not: Baccalaureate degrees from the University of Nebraska and Southern Methodist University.

Two awards will be given of $1,000 each.


Year Recipient Recipient
2021-2022 Addison Rosno Jacey Hughes
2020-2021 Nicole Monteza-Gonzalez Aaliyah Grafe
2019-2020 Taylor Umstead Kaitlyn Brandl
2018-2019 Aspen Luebbe Michaela Jones
2017-2018 Cameron Barnes Joshua Reiff
2016-2017 Melvin Garcia Rachel Klatt
2015-2016 Brielyn Borer Caitlin Edzards
2014-2015 Nathan Kruger Alexander Beiermann
2013-2014 Brynton Loeffelholz Cole Fullner
2012-2013 Erin Burrows Tyler Charron
2011-2012 Laura Evans Matthew Otten
2010-2011 Sarah Ebner Casey Gieseking
2009-2010 Emily Trofholz Bridgette Schneekloth
2008-2009 WIliam Stanton Sara Jones
2007-2008 Matthew Mundil Cindy Sanchez
2006-2007 Abigail Bates Lindsey Shannon
2005-2006 Chelsey Woodside Eric Vrba
2004-2005 Roger Garcia Nicole Korth
2003-2004 Alisha McBride Alicia Phillips