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Discoverer Alum John Neater Class of 1965

John Neater, Class of 1965

The CPS Foundation and Alumni office received a wonderful letter from John's wife on 10/2/2020 regarding her husband who passed in 2016.  We encourage you to read below to learn more about this Lifetime Alumni Association Member's life.

"John believed he received a great education at Columbus High School and this enabled him to believe in education for a lifetime.  John was a member of the first White House Communication Agency in Washington D.C. where he was a member of the US Air Force.  His team set up the first computer communication system for the White House.  Their teams traveled before and after Presidential trips and also were in charge of all communications coming in and out of the White House.  It was a most interesting assignment for him.  He served in that capacity between 1970-1973." ~ Mary Gregorius Neater