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STEM Summer Enrichment - Engineering Adventures 4th & 5th Grade

Monday, July 15, 20198:00 amThursday, July 18, 201911:30 am
Columbus Middle School

July 15-18 from 8am-11:30 AM
Location: CMS
Maximum enrollment: 40 students per grade

4th Grade Modules:
- Bubble Bonanza! Explore how bubbles behave and investigate the properties of different materials to engineer the ultimate bubble wands!
- The Sky’s the Limit! Dive into aeronautical engineering by designing models of flying technologies that help NASA collect aerial photographs.
-Light Up the Night Sky! Experiment with circuits and sculpting materials and design a light display that replicates the Northern Lights.

5th Grade Modules:

- Lift Off! Help NASA explore far away worlds by engineering prototype rockets and rovers to explore planets and moons in our solar system.
-Go Green! Explore the properties of a race car to design the ultimate racers made entirely of recycled materials.
-To The Rescue! Severe flooding has cut people off from important supplies. Engineer “aid drop packages” that can be dropped from an aircraft, protect what’s inside, and are easy to find once they reach the ground.