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STEM Education at CPS

Along with the construction of a new Columbus High School comes the introduction of a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Academy.

STEM fosters creativity and innovative thinking and teaches students to become problem-solvers to our everyday concerns. STEM education prepares the students of Columbus Public School’s to become innovators, doers and inspiring minds of the future. Graduates of CHS will have the ability to assess problems, employ STEM concepts and design creative solutions in their daily lives.

The completion of the STEM Academy brings many benefits to not only the students and parents, but also for local businesses and the community of Columbus. STEM and Career Education at CHS will affect the future in supplying a competent workforce to meet the needs of local industry. Columbus has the distinction as the birthplace of public power and the first designated industrial site in the US. STEM in career education allows Columbus Public Schools to provide a wealth of trained, skilled technicians for businesses in the Columbus area.

The STEM Academy inspires students to apply their core curriculum skills in science and math to in obtaining jobs in the community and stimulating the local economy. Students will use the four areas of STEM to solve problems using creative methods. Students will strive to learn more and grow in the field in which they have chosen for their profession.

STEM education is taken very seriously not only in the Academy itself, but also throughout District. This curriculum will be integrated K-12 in a team approach emphasizing math and science due to the technology and engineering principles being used. STEM Academy will build learning connections among subjects with a focus on problem-solving, innovative thinking, communications, productive teamwork, generating multiple ideas and decision-making.

In the upcoming months the STEM Academy will be reaching out for the opportunity to receive matching funds for the purchasing of equipment to enhance the STEM experience of our students. Visit to learn more about STEM and how it is creating a tremendous impact on the students of CPS and the community of Columbus. Continue to stay up to date with the progress of STEM by liking the Facebook page