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Awarded Grant Summaries

8th Grade Vex Robotics Arena Challenges

Joe Krysl, Trevor Korte & Kelly Loschen, Teachers, Columbus Middle School

2018-2019 School Year

Description & Need:

Students will learn about robotics in our world, and how all the different aspects of STEM are used in the field of robotics.  Students will follow step by step directions to build their first robots.  Currently after the students build the robot, they test and evaluate the robots' abilities on a carpet surface, this causes static electricity and shorts out the robots cortex.  To control this from happening VEX makes an arena specifically for the VEX robots.  The arena has antistatic mats that line the bottom of the arena.  The arena will also be used during VEX competitions hosted by the Columbus Robotics Team.

Our district is committed to making STEM an integral part of our curriculum K-12.  This project meshes seamlessly with the district STEM goals.

Promote college and career readiness for all students
Increase academic achievement especially in math and science, and narrow achievement gaps.
Address the need of under representation of population groups in STEM courses and fields.
Promote the integration of STEM-focused instruction among the four areas of STEM and with other disciplines.
Boost the rigor and interest for STEM- related classes.
The district mission statement is "Engaging All Learners to Achieve Success".  This project truly engages the students through hands on application of what they learn in their science and math classes.

Major Objectives:

Students will learn about robotics in our world, and how the different aspects of STEM are all being used in the fields of robotics.
Students will understand an introduction to the claw-bot using the VEX Robotics Design System.
Students will then put this knowledge into practice as they follow step-by-step directions constructing their first claw-bot.
Grade Level Impacted:

Curriculum is limited to all the 8th grade students because they will have the requisite math and science skills needed to successfully construct their robots.  Although the project won't directly expand to other middle school grade levels, the 8th grade students who are involved with this project will be much better prepared to take challenging STEM related electronics and robotics courses in high school.