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Awarded Grant Summaries

Bands for Strength and Conditioning

Stacy Smith, Physical Education/Health Teacher, 2019-2020 School Year

Description & Need:
These bands will be used by all students in Weights and Fitness classes to promote and provide the learner with proper warm-up, cool down and technique strategies. 

How project meets Instruction Goals and Mission Statement:
This project will meet the mission statement by meeting the needs for all students in Fitness and Strength and Conditioning Classes at CHS. This will meet the goals by allowing them to learn proper warm-up, cool down and lifting technique.

Major Objectives: 
Every student will perform all core lift techniques correctly (we have a checklist for all core lifts). All students will perform a proper warm-up and cool down with the use of these bands (we have a checklist for warm-up and cool down).

Teaching Methods:
Teacher lead instruction on technique of lifts, Peer review of technique in warm-up and cool down. 

Grade Level Impacted:
Grade Level- 9th - 12th. Number of students - 350 to 400 students per day.

Additional Materials: 
No additional equipment needed.

Project Evaluation:
We will do an evaluation of student checklists to make sure student technique is correct.