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Awarded Grant Summaries

Classroom Library

Amy Moore, 4th Grade Teacher, 2020-2021 School Year

Description & Need:
I would like to buy books for my classroom library that fit the needs and interests of my students.  I have noticed that when I show my love and passion for reading, then my students are more interested and motivated to read.  Also, if high-interest books are in my classroom and easy to access, students are more likely to grab those books and read them.  I would like to buy new bookshelves and bins to hold these new items.  Also, I want a variety of picture books, graphic novels, novels and informational books.

How project meets Instruction Goals and Mission Statement:
In Columbus, my goal as a teacher is to engage all students to achieve success.  In order for students to be engaged and be successful in reading, they need to find books that fit their interest.

Major Objectives: 
I want to increase the amounts of books my students read each month.  I want my students to make their AR goals each month.  I want my students to increase their MAPs scores from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Teaching Methods:
Students will have the opportunity to check out and read books from my library each day.  They will be able to read these books independently at school and they will be able to take them home and read at home.  Students will also be able to read these books in Reading class as part of their Time in Text time.  These books could also be used for their A/R goal.

Grade Level Impacted:
Grade Level-4th Grade.  

Additional Materials: 
bookshelves/cubbies for the books

Project Evaluation:
Testimonies form the students at the beginning of the year and end of the year.  Students will write about how having books in the classroom affected their learning.  Student AR points will be tracked.