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Awarded Grant Summaries

Gaming for Growth

Sandi Seckel, 2nd Grade Teacher, 2021-2022 School Year

Description & Need:
I am proposing to purchase some file folder game activities to support growth in Language Arts and Math. Our core instructional schedules and materials are so "tight" that it does not allow for much time to use games to enhance student engagement and student learning. WIN (What I Need) is a time of the day that students are in small groups facilitated by an adult. This would be a prime time to use games that support learning goals in Language Arts and Math. ASOT Element lists academic games as an instructional strategy that increases engagement and content retention. 

How project meets Instruction Goals and Mission Statement:
Our Columbus Public Schools Mission is "Engaging Students to Achieve Success". It is our goal to develop proficiencies of core content in our students. Utilizing a highly motivational instructional and practice procedure like games to review content will be highly engaging and support student learning. My proposed purchase matches learning goal content in both reading and math. 

Major Objectives: 
The major objectives of this project are to support student learning in both reading and math. An increase in student practice and content proficiency will support growth in MAP test scores in reading and math. The specific MAP strands that will be supported are listed below:
Language Arts: Build and Use Vocabulary, Characteristics of Literary Text, Characteristics of Informational Text
Math: Number Sense, Algebra, and Geometry.

Teaching Methods:
The purchase of these file folder games will allow for small group instruction and practice. These practice settings will be supervised by an adult so that feedback can be given and student success and accuracy monitored.

Grade Level Impacted:
My students in my second-grade room will be impacted by this project. I will also share with my partner teacher and will use them for years to come. 

Additional Materials: 
File folders will be needed as well as laminating so that the games can be used for years.

Project Evaluation:
I will gather fall and spring data and compare student growth and class averages on those areas that were impacted using the purchased materials.