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Awarded Grant Summaries

Hands-on Science and Technology for Students

Jennifer Mulder, Amy Moore & Misty Liakos, Teachers, North Park Elementary

2018-2019 School Year

Description & Need:

It's well known when students are engaged, they learn better.  Today's students are best engaged with hands on activities and technology.  Our students enjoy building and seeing how a pulley works or why the first hill of a rollercoaster must be the largest to keep the momentum going.  OUr grant will allow fourth graders at North Park to experience the fourth grade science curriculum through K'Nex building materials and technology.  Simple machines, forces and motion are part of hte fourth grade science curriculum.  Also, Brain Pop has a plethora of information about topics in our science curriculum.  Specifically forces and motion, energy and simple machines.  Moreover, headphones are necessary to use the Brain Pop website.

Major Objectives:

Students will construct examples of each of the six simple machines.
Students will construct an example of a compound machine and identify the simple machines that are within the compound one.
Students will identify the forces, like friction and gravity that impact motion.
Students will create and identify signs of energy transfer from one object to another.
Students will create and describe energy change form potential to kinetic and electric to kinetic.

Grade Level Impacted:

4th graders at North Park will initially be affected by this project, which is about 60 students each year.  We will be able to use these kits for many years.  Therefore when considering that this project will affect about 60 students every year and could be used for at least 5 years, that is about 300 students.  The potential of expanding this project to other schools and fourth grades in the district is definitely possible with funding for each school in place.  Plus, there are many kist in K'Nex that would meet other grades' standards and curriculum.  These and Brain Pop could really b used for all fo the District Elementary Students.