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Awarded Grant Summaries

Practice Pads for Percussion Ensemble

Michael Klee, Instrumental Music Teacher, 2020-2021 School Year

Description & Need:
The project is to provide Tap-Off practice pads for the CMS percussion ensemble to use for technical development and main curriculum study.  Technical development is the main goal of middle school level ensembles and the Tap-Off practice pads will help the ensemble dramatically.  These pads are very effective, economical, quiet and are very durable for technical development.

How project meets Instruction Goals and Mission Statement:
The CMS percussion ensemble is open to CMS music students and during WIN time throughout the school year.  The ensemble engages learners to achieve success through the differentiated instruction that comes within the training.  It provides an opportunity for students to expand their musical knowledge and/or enrich their current musical abilities by playing percussion instruments.  It will allow different levels of engagement from group activities.large ensemble playing to peer work groups.  The practice pads will allow students to develop technical facility correctly and consistently.

Major Objectives: 
The objectives include the development of foundational technique for any student who participates within the percussion ensemble through the use of practice pads.  Foundational techniques are measured by how well each student's technique is developed in regards to finger/wrist strength, rebound control and knowledge of ensemble practices.  All of these are measurable through direct assessments that will be given at the end of each ensemble term.

Teaching Methods:
This will be taught in large group, small groups and peer groups.  Large group will be used to teach the larger concepts and is led by the band director.  Small groups is used for students to practice more specialized content/techniques/concepts and is normally student led with the instructor circling around to monitor.  Peer groups will be used for students to help each other or practice with each other while the instructor is monitoring each group.  Percussion music is very hands-on and so is the instruction.  Students will learn largely by doing in the percussion ensemble class.

Grade Level Impacted:
Grade Level- 6th-8th Grade.  

Additional Materials: 
No other purchases needed at this time.

Project Evaluation:
Evaluated based on growth and development of technique.