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Awarded Grant Summaries

Weighted Fitness Bars for General Fitness Use

Heidi Field, Physical Education/Health Teacher, 2020-2021 School Year

Description & Need:
These bands weighted fitness bars will be used by students to begin working on the use of free weight for general strength and flexibility.  This will include working on perfect squat technique, hamstring strength, use of weights above the head and core strength.     

How project meets Instruction Goals and Mission Statement:
Many hours have been spent focusing on the use of the weight room for the athletes, and we would like to incorporate more use of strength training for our general fitness students.  Having a wide variety of weights in fitness bars will allow for the majority of students to be able to find success in strength training.  Many students are struggling with injuries due to lack of strength and flexibility, and we hope to change some of that by having a wider variety of exercises.

Major Objectives: 
Increase lower body strength by being able to lift 25% + body weight.  We would like to increase upper body strength by being able to lift 15%+body weight.  We would also like to see students increase their flexibility through their sit and reach test by at least 1 inch.

Teaching Methods:
Teacher lead instruction on technique of lifts.  This will be used for individual workouts as well as small groups.  This will allow for a wider variety of instructional exercises for example overhead presses, good mornings, and back squat.  This is important for those students who are not athletes, but still need the general technique and fitness knowledge in order to continue using strength training in their own lives.  We will also implement the use of technology in recording our technique on iPads and using checklists for personal and partner crique.

Grade Level Impacted:
Grade Level- 9th - 12th. Number of students - 350 to 400 students per day.

Additional Materials: 
No additional equipment needed.

Project Evaluation:
We will do an evaluation of student checklists to make sure student technique is correct.