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Awarded Grant Summaries

What Ya Cookin?

Francie May, Special Education Teacher, 2020-2021 School Year

Description & Need:
This project will help increase the cooking skills for the students in the Curriculum Life Skills program.  Grant funds will be used to purchase a variety of adapted cooking utensils and various other cooking items that our program needs.  These items will help students learn to cook and help increase their independent skills safely as they have to be taught directly how to cook and follow simple directions which is what recipes are made of.  The right equipment will enhance their experiences.

How project meets Instruction Goals and Mission Statement:
Students will be actively participating in cooking activities as well as lectures to learn about kitchen equipment and safety.  As a team we have created learning goals that tie directly to these activities, such as being able to follow multi-step directions as well as being safe in a variety of environments.    This project will provide a life skill they need to work on because unlike their peers these are skills that take time and several opportunities for them to be successful.  This project will provide appropriate materials that will help students be more successful in this area as well as provide safety.

Major Objectives: 
The major objectives of the project are for the students to increase the cooking skills.  Skills will be compared from the beginning of the year to the end within various activities.   Checklist items would be:followed the recipe, used appropriate cooking utensils, used appropriate safety measures while cooking, etc.

Teaching Methods:
Various teaching methods will be used to help my students.  Lecturing to teach students about different utensils, cooking materials and appliances.  Following recipe and safety will need to be addressed.    We will do a variety of labeling of items, solving different scenarios, using fake recipes as well as making real recipes.    We will do some modeling and hand over hand to help them understand the steps.  We will do things a variety of ways and multiple times.

Grade Level Impacted:
Grade Level- 7th & 8th Grade.  

Additional Materials: 
From the district they will need shelves built in the kitchen area to allow for more storage of the items that are planned to be purchased.

Project Evaluation:
Students will be evaluated using a checklist at the beginning of the year and then as each activity takes place.