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CHS Graduating Senior Scholarship Opportunities

Christopher Saalfeld Memorial Scholarship

The Christopher John Saalfeld Scholarship has been created thru loving generosity of friends and family.  Christopher graduated from Columbus High School in 1979.  He received his mechanical engineering degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1983.  He believed that with hard work, determination and a little humor anything could be achieved.  

We wanted to establish this scholarship in honor and in memory of Christopher's wonderful, yet short life.  Christopher always strived for high standards both in music and academics.  The scholarship will be awarded to a worthy student with exceptional ideals in furthering their education.

May we remember each year as this scholarship is given that what really matters in this life is how we live and love each day.  Remember what is real and true and important in this short time we are given.  Remember to laugh, to give of yourself, and to be the very best you can be.  Today is all we have.  Live well!

The recipient of this scholarship will be awarded $1,800.


Attending a Nebraska College or University.
Major in Engineering or Music.

Year Recipient
2021-2022 Colby Salak
2020-2021 Jessica Reiff
2019-2020 Ryan Sims
2018-2019 Jayden Boesch
2017-2018 Ethan Glenn
2016-2017 Trent Meister
2015-2016 Cole Beiermann
2014-2015 Colin Kruse
2013-2014 Matthew Ballweg
2012-2013 Madison Burger
2011-2012 Dylan Ganskow
2010-2011 Spencer Moore
2009-2010 Alex Mares
2008-2009 Parker Staroscik
2007-2008 Michael Glur-Zoucha