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CHS Graduating Senior Scholarship Opportunities

Class of 1940 War Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Class of 1940 as part of their 50th reunion.  The recipient of this scholarship will be awarded $2,000.  


Applicants show strong scholarship with ACT/SAT scores, Class Rank and GPA.
Leadership is clearly displayed through involvement with extracurricular activities, positions of leadership within organizations, receipt of awards and honors, and employment.
Financial ned is clearly stated based on estimated costs.
Tuition at a 4 year university or college.


Year Recipient
2020-2021 Benjamin Janssen
2019-2020 Emily Hall
2018-2019 Coden Prokopec
2017-2018 Emily Pick
2016-2017 Alli Reinke
2015-2016 Ryan Pauley
2014-2015 Nicole Wieberdink
2013-2014 Benjamin Trfoholz
2012-2013 Victoria McKinney
2011-2012 Alex Kurtenbach
2010-2011 Tayla Heavican
2009-2010 Tyler McConville
2008-2009 Shelby Hughes
2007-2008 Abby Augustine
2006-2007 Taylor Moore
2005-2006 Aldo Arizmendi
2004-2005 Emilie Gausman
2003-2004 Kim Fyfe
1994-1995 Joni Andreasen
1993-1994 Faruk Abdullah
1992-1993 Kris Veit
1991-1992 Alicia Young
1990-1991 Jim Kennedy