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CHS Graduating Senior Scholarship Opportunities

Discoverer Athletic Hall of Fame

Discoverers Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship

The Discoverers Athletic Hall of Fame was established to recognize past outstanding male and female students who participated in athletics at Kramer or Columbus High School.  Every two years there is a celebration to honor a new class of athletes, coaches and meritorious individuals.  The committee has determined that it will fund two college scholarships (one for a male and one for a female) annually at $500 each.  There is no preference as to which educational institution the student athletes select.  These are one time scholarships which will not be renewed. 

Minimum criteria for these scholarships:

Must be at least a two year letter winner in a sport.
Must have a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average.
Preference will be given to multi-sport student athletes.
Preference will be given to student athletes who have limited funding sources for college.
Preference will be given to student athletes who are good citizens and are active in the Columbus community.


Year Female Athlete Male Athlete
2023-2024 Carly Gaedeke Preston Hastreiter
2022-2023 Sarah Lasso Liam Blaser
2021-2022 Logan Kapels Blake Thompson
2020-2021 Addison Duranski Blayze Standley
2019-2020 Gracie Luebbe Blake Edzards
2018-2019 Aspen Luebbe Lucas Miller
2017-2018 Mia Janssen Alexander Uhlig
2016-2017 Allison Goos Eric Hanzel