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CHS Graduating Senior Scholarship Opportunities

Speice Scholarship

Established by Byron Speice, Class of 1955

The Speice Scholarship was established in appreciation of the education that CPS provided him as well as in memory of his Mother, Margaret Speice who taught in the Columbus System.  The intent of the scholarship is to help a worthy student furthering his or her education.  The recipient of this scholarship will be awarded $1,000.

The following criteria will be used to determine the winners of the Speice Scholarship.

Academics: GPA, ACT/SAT scores & Class Rank
Financial Need: Based on estimated costs.
Leadership: Awards/Honors, Organizations/Activities and Positions & Community Service.

Year Recipient
2021-2022 Anthony Mudloff
2020-2021 Madalyn Uhlig
2019-2020 Estafano Paez
2018-2019 Brooke Benck
2017-2018 Monykka Hazlett
2016-2017 Jesse Osborn
2015-2016 Alexis Liebig
2014-2015 Shaylynn Meyer
2013-2014 Logan Menke
2012-2013 Abigail Bastian
2011-2012 Mariah Karlin
2010-2011 Caleb Klatt
2009-2010 Angela Salazar
2008-2009 Katrina Brave Heart
2007-2008 Shawna Lucht
2006-2007 Blake Ritter